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Angels leverage their expertise to help new businesses grow and succeed, changing the economic future of an entire region by investing in small startup companies that eventually employ dozens or hundreds of people.

Diversify Your Portfolio

While angel investing can be risky, when angels get a home run, it can provide a 10X or more return. Plus many early-stage investments qualify for favorable tax treatment.

Have Fun!

Working with energetic entrepreneurs and getting a front-row seat for mold-breaking innovations is fun! Nothing is more exciting than the spark of a promising new idea.

What it takes

Accredited angel investors have $1M in assests beyond primary residence OR $200K+ annual income, and $5K in dicretionary liquid assets.

What it gives

Fulfillment as you make an impact and work with innovative people and the potential for a 10x return.

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Are you familiar with WSU’s mission to address barriers to innovation and economic growth?
We are exploring the idea of a Rural Angel Investor Network (RAIN). As our first step in this process, we are conducting a research survey to gain an understanding of the baseline knowledge of accredited and angel investing in our region.
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Take our survey

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