Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FIRE mission?

To develop a Flexible Infrastructure for Resilient Entrepreneurship (FIRE), consisting of support programs to spur regional economic development in Eastern Washington, Idaho and Western Montana.  FIRE will enhance support for early stage, life science companies through, recruiting and incentivizing executive advisors,  employing and matching student interns, creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors, and expanding a dedicated workforce for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

How can I get involved?

Any start up organization concerning life sciences (broadly- including medical devices, therapeutics, diagnostics, and ag sci) or startup investments is eligible to become involved with FIRE.  Here’s how:

  • Inquire as a startup for access to Executive Advisors  and interns (EARTH, ICE)
  • Apply as an Executive Advisor (EARTH)
  • Inquire as a student intern (ICE)
  • Become a new regional angel investor (RAIN)
  • Partner on workforce development (WIND)

Who do you work/partner with?

We are partnered with Washington State University-Health Sciences Spokane, Washington State Department of Commerce, Bank of America and sp3nw.

Do you offer events or services?

Yes, we offer several types of events. Our services include regional stakeholder interviews,, gaps analysis to determine the unmet funding needs and identify viable funding opportunities. We then identify, recruit, and train local entrepreneurs on investment opportunities based on best practices.

Is it available in my State?

Businesses and individuals located in Eastern Washington, Idaho and Western Montana are eligible to work with FIRE.

Get Involved

120 N Pine St, Ste 270 Spokane WA 99203